On closure of the State P.O. in Nandod in 1886, standard Indian postal markings were issued; Fig.15 shows a Service Post Card with squared circle of NANDOD dated 21 JA.00. Mr. Pandya tells me this is from one Kashiram, Press Superintendent in Nandod, to Sheth Saheb Faramjibhai Vania, sending regards and requesting immediate sending of 20 lbs. black printing ink of good quality for the State Printing Press. Most states on agreeing to postal unity with India were given allowances of Service stamps, adhesive and/or impressed, for official use; Rajpipla was not included in the official list of allowances in 1929, so either the privilege had been withdrawn prior to that date, or the State had joined the alternative scheme of purchasing Service postage from the Treasury, which gave some advantage over the use of ordinary postage stamps.


Two final Indian postal markings from the State appear on an Indian 2as. Registered Letter envelope with the above-mentioned NANDOD squared circle dated 28 JU.95, and alongside it on the back a faint 20mm circular datestamp NANDOD of the same date; on the front (Fig.16) is the Registration stamp of the same office. This is again to Bombay, to the same Faramji Vania who later supplied the ink. Apart from these chance survivals in a dealer's stock no other material from this era has been found in forty years of collecting.


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