Mr. Prashant Pandya has located in the Baroda Archives documents describing postal arrangements in Rajpipla State in 1882, and details of rates listed were published by him in India Post 151 (February 2002). It was confirmed that the basic letter rate was 1 paiso (1/4a), on local mail and on items exchanged with the Indian Post Office both inward and outward. Unpaid letters were charged double, and registration was 2as. Indian adhesives were available in the State PO at Nandod, and Indian postage due was collected on inward underpaid mail.

Postal Rates of Rajpipla State
(Ref.: "Rajpipla State Post", article of Prashant Pandya published in
India Post # 151 (February 2002).

For letter weighing 5 tolas and under, the postage charge was 3 pies. For every increase of 5 tolas additional quarter of an anna was charges. For unpaid letter, double the amount of paid letter was charged.

For Registered letters over and above the postal charges, two annas per letter were charged as Registration Fees.

For Parcels, one anna for every 20 tolas was charged and additional one anna was charged for every 20 tolas of weight.

For Money Order amounting Rupees One hundred, eight anna fees were charged in the own territory.

Unpaid letters from the Nandod State were not allowed to go outside Nandod State unless there affixed a Nandod Postage Stamp on the cover. These letters when received into British Post Offices were reckoned as unpaid letters. Thus both Nandod Postage Stamps and British Postage Stamps were required on the letters sent from Nandod to British or other territory.

If the duly paid letter sent from other territory to Nandod, the Nandod Post Master was charging ¼ of an anna on it and if the letter was unpaid 1 anna 6 pies were being charged.

In Chandod there was no letter box places from the Nandod State. The Clerk placed there by the State had no right to register letters or to fill up money orders or to send Bangy parcels.

Service letters were sent in Nandod free of Charge by Superscribing on the Cover the name of the sender and his designation.

British Postage Stamps were obtained from the Chandod Post Office and were sold in Nandod.

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