Rajpipla State Letter Box
More than One Century
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Being a philatelist and a resident of Rajpipla, I am always attracted by Postal History of Rajpipla State. The idea of celebrating the centenary of postage stamp of Rajpipla State was born in 1980, when I was 18 years old studying in school and formed Rajpipla Philatelic Society in Rajpipla Town.

We celebrated Centenary of Postage Stamp of Rajpipla State on 21st October 1980 and released a Special Cover and a Souvenir on the occasion. (See Link - Centenary celebration of Postage Stamp of Rajpipla State) My small article on "Rajpipla State Post" in the souvenir was my first attempt of writing on the subject. My knowledge of postal history of Rajpipla was limited to its stamps and postal stationery that time.

When I joined India Study Circle for Philately (U.K.), on seeing stamps and coat of arms of Rajpipla State on my letter pad, Mr. David Padgham, Past President of the India Study Circle for Philately (U.K.) contacted me and we exchanged information on Rajpipla for some time.

While preparing the Souvenir for Baroda Philatelic Society, (Published on the occasion of Silver Jubilee celebrations of the society), I requested him to send me an article on Rajpipla State Post.

Mr. Padgham's article on "Rajpipla State Post" was first published in January 2000 in "Vadophil-2000", the souvenir of Baroda Philatelic Society. Immediately after this, a revised article was published in India Post #145 (August 2000). In May 2001 another follow up article appeared in India Post #148. I added some information on the subject in my article "Rajpipla State Post" published in India Post in India Post #151 (February 2002).

Later my detailed article on 'Postal History of Rajpipla' was published in "A Maharaja’s Turf" authored by Shri Indra Vikram Singhji.

I am very much thankful to Mr. David Padgham for his efforts and help to update the information on Rajpipla State Post. My special thanks to Mr. Peter Leevers, who forwarded me scans and text via email for this website.

This website is based on my study on Postal History of Rajpipla State.


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